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It's all in the ingredients!

Each paleta is Handmade.

We focus on enhancing the flavors of our paletas with only the freshest and juiciest fruit while using 

zero artificial colors or flavors!

Where to find us?
Just about everywhere!

Since we are a mobile company it can become a bit of a scavenger hunt to find us, but don't worry! On the calendar below you can see where we will be each day of the week!

Invite us to your next event!

We would love to join the fun!

The most important part of a meal is the dessert,

so why not have the best!

Padrinos Pops will cater to just about anywhere in middle Tennessee with one of our refrigerated popsicle carts. 

Making your Celebration just a little cooler!

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pop truck delivery.png
cart delivery.png
pop delivery.png
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