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Padrino's Pops was first established in Nashville, Tennessee in June of 2014, but that is not where our story began.

Padrino's Pops comes from a long legacy of Paleteros, or popsicles experts, from Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico beginning in the early 1980's.

Today, Padrino's Pops is an accomplished reality of the American dream!

The Beginning

It All Starts With Faith

While raising a lower class family of 15 children, my grandfather, Jose Mendoza, knew he had to do something to take his own family out of poverty. Then while using all of his life savings, and with much faith, he bought 2 local paleterias and gave them to his oldest son, Geronimo Mendoza, so he could provide for the family.

Later, in February of 1980, Geronimo opened up his paleteria,

La Flor de Michoacan.

With the help and support of his wife, Dora Maria, Geronimo was able to successfully open up his first two paleterias in Mexico.

In February of 1980, my parents, Geronimo and Dora, were able to open up the very first paleteria in  Saltillo Mexico. 

The first ever paleteria was opened by Geronimo



Padrino's Pops  was brought to Tennessee!

After years of planning, I was able to open up my first paleteria in Nashville, TN.

To this day, all of our paletas are made the traditional way, using only real fruit and locally sourced cream, but most special of all, all of our paletas are still made with our original family recipes dated back to the 1980's


It was hard to let go of our store front, but we knew that in order for Padrino's Pops to grow it was time to pursue something bigger!

And so, Padrino's Pops became mobile!

Padrino's Pops became mobile


Who IS

Our Mission 

Our mission is to continue sharing the love and passion of Geronimo through our paletas.
We want to provide the traditional and authentic taste of our culture though our use of fresh fruit and locally sourced ingredients. 



Our Name


While throwing out name ideas at the dinner table, we all joked about the resemblance Geronimo had to Don Vito from the famous mafia film of The God Father. 
Then suddenly someone bursted out, " Padrino's Pops!" 
It was perfect!

In Spanish padrino means godfather. Geronimo had gotten his family out of extreme poverty though faith and hard commitment. The name could not be any more perfect.

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