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Padrinos Pops was first established the United States in early 2014, but that is not where the story began. Padrinos comes from a long legacy of Paleta makers which began in Saltillo, Coahuila , Mexico in the early 1980s.

Today, Padrinos is an accomplished reality of the American dream.

How they are made

handmade with real fruit

While raising a lower class family of 15 children, my grandfather, Jose mendoza,

 knew he had to do something to take his own family out of poverty. Then while using all of his life savings, and with much faith, he bought 2 local paleterias and gave them to his oldest son, Geronimo Mendoza, to take care of and provide for his family. 

Later in February of 1980, Geronimo opened up his paleteria,

La Flor de Michoacan.

With the help and support of his wife, Dora Maria, Geronimo was able to open up his first two paleterias in Mexico.


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How they are made

Our mission is to continue sharing the love and passion of Geronimo through our paletas. 

Every paleta made is handmade. We take pride in using only fresh ingredients, therefore we choose the juiciest and most flavorful fruit in the market to make our paletas flavorful experience.


Our Name


"Padrino" in Spanish means Godfather.

While messing around the dinner table trying to come up with a great name for our upcoming paleteria, we all joked about how Geronimo resembles Don Vito from the famous mafia film of The Godfather.

Therefore, as inspired by the famous mafia film, we named our paleteria Padrino's Pops.  In honor of my father, Geronimo, being The Godfather of our paletas.

In fact, our original logo was inspired by the film!

Our Own Legacy

We are proud to claim that we are 100% family owned. 

We are a family living in Williamson County just trying to impact our community in a positive way! 

We really love developing relationships with our customers and being able to share a part of our family history and culture with y'all.

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